Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spiritual Sunday

Recently, I have been visiting several different churches and I find that each one of them feed my soul in different ways. For instance, my mother's church (and the church that I attend regularly) focuses more one teaching and educating. While some of the other churches that I have gone to are more about the show. I feel like I need to have a good balance of both. I know that there are churches out there that focuses on both, but I think that I focus better at my mother's Church without all of the show. Now when I say 'show', I mean churches that are larger, perhaps they have more extensive music department, maybe there is more of an agenda that they follow. So many times I will talk to friends that go to church and I 'll ask them what was the message today. They'll answer vaguely. And follow it up with 'but the men's choir was sangin' this morning.'

Which do you prefer: churches that teach or those that put on more of a show? When choosing a church, which is more important to you?

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  1. I've been looking for a church off and on over the past year. I like a combination of both because I feel I can be inspired by a strong message and some amazing music. I ultimately would love to have a place that has both. That might be why I'm still on a hunt.