Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Protect Ya Ends Challenge: Week I

As I stated in an earlier post, I have joined the Protect Ya Ends Challenge on Black Girl, Long Hair website. Well, all I did was join, I didn't read all of the directions or anything. Typical me. I did read that challenge rules and I can follow that, but here is some other pertinent information.

Starting Stats: Currently transitioning. When straighten, my hair is past shoulder length. I have been transitioning for over a year, but have suffered severe heat damage, which is making the process longer. I would love to BC after this challenge, but I'll have to see how much growth I have. Oh, I currently do not have a regimen in place since I was getting my hair washed and flat ironed at a salon for almost a year.

Plan of Attack: I plan on actually using a calender to plan out how to wear my hair and to keep me on track. Right now, I am wearing a wig and probably will continue to wear this one for at least another 3 weeks. After that, I plan on bunning (with synthetic hair) for a week. And then either another wig or possible some crochet braids. I am still planning and checking my finances. Right now, I am currently washing every two weeks. This week, I did a co-wash because my hair was feeling a little dry. I use the Shea Moisture products for moisture and I co-washed with Aussie Moist. So far, so good.

A picture: I hate taking pictures and I don't have a good camera right now...but here it is.

 Danika human hair lace front wig
Note: My hair is in plaits under the wig protected by a wig cap

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