Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spiritual Sunday

Normally, I always have something ready to post for Spiritual Sunday, but this Sunday I didn't. I have been going through some trials with family and work. This morning, I woke up and look at a telecast service and scanned YouTube since I need to find something different to do with my hair this week. I came across a subscriber LubellaCoils. She had just posted a series on God's Divine Purpose For Your Life. I only watched part 4, since I hadn't been following the series and didn't notice title. I just clicked on it.

Lately on my job, I have been spazing out and I'll admit that my job is draining me. This weekend, I didn't do anything because I was so tired from all of the problems and things that had been coming up. This last week was particularly bad for me. I have no support from my assistant, not to mention the negativity. Another thing, is that I noticed myself letting her negativity rub off on me. Not being my normal self, trying to do things that I normally don't do, letting people influence me. Not following the path of God or obeying what I know and have been taught.

It's funny that the first part of this video pertains to my situation that I am dealing with at work. Now, if you have read parts of my blog, you will know that I am trying to be more creative. At work, I am faced with something that can actually use my creativity. Here is the synopsis: One of my sites needs to more elderly people, so there needs to be a marketing/advertising plan done to increase the awareness. At my job, we have a marketing/leasing agent, but the ideas that she had were lack-luster to say the least. Actually, it would yield minimal results. Instead of me seeing this as an opportunity to use my creativity and skills, I decided to let her handle it. I listened to people say 'That isn't your job, let her do it'. And that is what I went with, but the more that I think about it, its a great chance for me to use my creativity. Unfortunately, with all of the people talking and clouding my judgment I couldn't see it until I took some time away from work, and the negativity, to see.  This is something that doesn't just pertain to my job, but also my personal life. I have so many things that I want to do, but is just so drained that I don't have time. My job gives me 14 personal days and 14 vacation days for a reason.

This video may not completely illustrate my situation, but it did open up my eyes.

Check out the video! Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged!

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  1. I totally can relate. I know what it's like to feel drained from work and working with other people. Sometimes you can take on energy from others that are not your own. I had to learn how to be transparent to other people's energy while maintaining my God/Goddess mentality.

    It's so funny because I am also looking for more ways to be creative. I downloaded a meditation on creativity. I will see what results that I get.

    I hope that you get your creative juices flowing the way you want and I pray that your work situation improves!