Saturday, January 21, 2012

WWYD...The Afterthought...

A couple of weeks ago I posted a WWYD question about HIV/AIDS and telling your partner about your status. Here is my response to it.

I wouldn't tell my partner about having HIV/AIDS...until the time was right. I think that waiting until you know a person and how they would possibly react to something that is such a serious matter. I wouldn't want just anyone knowing my status and not being able to trust them with something that is so personal. I wouldn't wait for a year, but I would most definitely feel the man out before I told them and see if its something that would go anywhere. Why tell something that you really don't have to?!?! I think that by the 4th date you would be able to feel a person out and know. BUT I wouldn't do anything of a sexual nature with them until I told him.

One of the best thing that anyone can do in a situation like this is be honest and truthful about their status. Also, educating their partner about the risks and the disease is important. So many times people think that they know everything about a disease, but actually just know what they've heard here or there. You may be surprised at how your partner may react to it--whether good or bad--but it will also let you know exactly what type of person they are and strengthen the relationship.

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