Monday, January 9, 2012

Weight Watchers...

Alright, its the second week of 2012 and I haven't lost a pound or changed my eating habits or went to the gym. I am seriously contemplating going on Weight Watchers. Could it be that Jennifer Hudson has swayed me to joining Weight Watchers?!?! Possibly. I think that went it comes to food, I need a little of coaching. I could give it a try since its free to join.

Tried Weight Watchers and had success? Let me know. Weight Watchers did nothing for me! Tell me that, too!

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  1. I congratulate you for wanting to start dieting or going to the gym. I think weight watchers has had a significant increase in members ever since Jennifer Hudson became the spokes person. I never tried weight watchers, but I would assume that it works since so many people have had success with it. Good luck to you if you do decide to join! Please share your experience!